How do I save my building?Edit

There is a pretty easy process of using WorldEdit, a Minecraft Plugin:

First, you'd select the area you wish to save using Wand (//wand)

Next, you'd copy your selected area using a WorldEdit command called "copy" (//copy)

Lastly, you'd type a random but easy to remember name for your schematic.  (//schem save {name})   Make sure this is random because WorldEdit will override saves.

How do I load my saved buildings?Edit

This is actually pretty easy..

First, you'd remember your saved name is.   For example, "cooltext1660752015.schematic"

Second, you'd type the following command.  //schem load {name}

Third, you'd paste your build into the world.  This is easily done by typing, "//paste"

Why should I save my buildings?Edit

You're playing a "freedom" server which may often times reset its map due to heavily griefed or otherwise chunk corruption errors.   It isn't necessarily rocket science why you'd always want to save your buildings, but, it isn't easy either.