Wild1145 is a Senior admin and Developer on the TotalFreedom Server.

Wild1145 joined the server in the summer of 2012 and was appointed to Super Admin status September 2012.

Wild1145 then was promoted to the rank of Senior Admin December of 2012.

Wild1145 then was involved with the CJFreedom Minecraft server and eventually was promoted to associate developer on the TotalFreedom server for his contributions towards the TotalFreedom server through CJFreedom development.

Later when CJFreedom closed Wild1145 remained as an active TotalFreedom & TotalFreedomMod developer implmenting such features as the coloured tabs and automated tagging of admins on login.

Wild1145 has also served as the Executive Avangalist for the server, responsible for its promotion, advertising and converting people to play the server and later resigned his role handing it down to Andoodle and being appointed Emeritus status on the server for his work.

In early 2016 Wild1145 was re-promoted to Executive Status as the Assistant Executive Chief Developer for the TotalFreedom server. In early 2016 he also created the DaedalusMod plugin to replace some of the lost functionality with the AcidicFreedomMod that had to be removed for compatability issues, and such features that TFM would not implment.