About VideoGameSmash12 Edit

VideoGameSmash12 is a Telnet Clan Admin. They are currently reported semi-active as of April 13, 2017.

VideoGameSmash12 as an OP Edit

Before VideoGameSmash12 was an admin on the server, they were a mixed bag.

During late 2013 they constantly broke rules and was banned several times. On November 4, 2013, the username "videogamesm12" registered on the Total Freedom forums, it was most likely created to appeal one of their bans on the server.

During early 2014 they stopped breaking the rules and usually helped around on the server, almost kissing up to the admins at times. On March 20, 2014 (4 days before the appointment date), VideoGameSmash12 built statues of multiple admins, such as Kash445 and 0SKS0. MVideoGameSmash12 applied for Super Admin status on March 24, 2014 after getting 4 private messages from different admins. Soon after, they were added to the Super Admin list on the server and on March 25, 2014, VideoGameSmash12's forum account obtained Super Admin status.

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