SwampyJoe is an ex-Super Admin. He loved his time as a Super Admin, but soon turned sour and became a troll. He trolled all day long, and people got sick of it. He got banned from the Total Freedom forums at least 6 times.

He first joined TF around mid 2013. He later received Super Admin after two applications in Autumn of 2013. His first application was denied, as he didn't follow the application rules and posted an innapropiate picture on his application. At first, the admins seemed accepting of him and it seemed as if he was going to get admin. And then the picture came, and everything changed. He was denied. He made a public apology, and most admins accepted it. To date, Swampy has over 3 apologies. After this, he was TPaS'd by xXWileeXx

The trolling began in around March-April of 2014, and it was bad. His trolling was awful, and no one found it funny. Apart from the Senior Admin xXWileeXx who urged him to make fun of WickedGamingUK / Hex. After this, Wilee and Swampy were both forum banned.

He's been a regular ever since on the forums.