Supergameplayer is a Senior admin who came to TF in early July, 2013. He used to be a griefer, but later on he wanted to be an admin, so he looked at the details, quit griefing, and started helping the server. One day, he got a reccomendation from xXWilee999Xx, and then made his first admin application. He only had 3 vouches that one time, though. JJ_Jaguar2000 wanted to reccomend him for the second time, but he took it back because he almost crashed the server a while after. Swampy and Wilee recommended him again, but on the day where he should have been accepted. An old admin filed and passed a permban request. He used minor and outdated information, but he still got him permbanned and forum banned for 1 day. The next day, he apologized and got released from permban. 1 month later, he applied for admin under Wilee's request, and was then SPAS'd by HeXeRei452 (WickedGamingUK) on February 18th. On May 1st, he was promoted to telnet. Then, on June 28th, he was granted Clanforge perms to Start/Restart the server. In 2015, he was promoted to Senior Admin.