Smg515 Edit

Smg515 was the "Chief Admin Security Officer" of the server [when?], holding Forum Moderator powers, and Senior admin power, and was considered on of the more important Admin of Total Freedom. He is known to be living in Las Vegas, Nevada. In an earlier time of 2013, Wilee999 resigned from the rank of "Chief Admin Security Officer", and his rank was given by MarkByron to Smg515. Prior to this, Smg515 held the rank of "Chief Admin Training Officer" [when?], and was responsible for the training of new Super Admins. While Smg515 may appear very stern at times, he is very fun loving and comedic once you know him better, though he does have little tolerance for idiocracy, and no tolerance at all for trolls. Smg515 is currently active and supporting Total Freedom to date.


Due to Smg515 living in Las Vegas he is sometimes joked with by Wilee999 when Wilee999 says, "You live in Vegas, but you play Minecraft?"

Smg515 has told players and Admins that his name does not have anything to do with a weapon, but is actually an initial for a name. He also states that the number in his name is actually of sentimental value, being the address of his previous home.

Smg515 uses a skin of a boy in shorts with a dinosaur mask.

On the forums, his names color rank appears as a dark blue/teal color, and is sometimes mistaken as being the Super Admin rank.