TotalFreedom is a freedom server. It still has rules that must be enforced to prevent punishements.

(1) [No Griefing] : Griefing is one of the most common punishement on TotalFreedom. It is not allowed generally. Use your best judgment, and remember that other people are on here to have fun also.

(2) [No impersonating] : Impersonating is when a player ( aka troller ) joins the server with a username of an administrator or a known OP. TotalFreedom is a cracked server and we can not prevent this from happening. This will lead to a punishement!

(3) [Respect others] : Respect others and others will respect you. We do not allow self-harm or suicide threats!

(4) [No Trolling/Scamming] : Trolling/Scamming on TotalFreedom is not allowed. Do not troll or even scam players that want to have fun!

(5) [Respect privacy] : Respect <Freedom> of other players. Do not be a pest or a nuisance to others, and respect their privacy. Do not "help" with builds if people do not want you to, and do not teleport someone without their permission. It is best to use /tpahere to request for someone to teleport to you, rather than forcefully teleporting them.

All the rules can be found there -->