Madgeek1450 Edit

Madgeek1450 is the Lead Developer and Designer of the Total Freedom Mod and server itself. He is currently 23 years of age, living in Tennessee, and has a degree in computer science. On the forums and server itself, he is know for the phrase he is quite fond of, "Bullshit." In his forum profile, humorously, he is also the rank "Chief Bullshitter". Most Admins, if not all, are very fond of Madgeek1450 and his random "trolling" segments (These segments are usually indused by coffee of various amounts consumed by Madgeek1450.) In such trolling segments, he will sometimes even create a humorous command such as one where a player will mount another player as if they were a pig and saddle. In other segments of his random trolling, he will shoot beams of TnT at random players, most of the time Admins, to make them blunder about in confusion. He once targeted Jackofhallow with the (What Jackofhallow nicknamed) "Troll Laser".Madgeek1450 is also, unargueably considered, the Co-Owner of Total Freedom and MarkByron's right hand man. It is unknown how the two came to each other's acquaintance. Madgeek1450 is to this day, still working and ever changing the Total Freedom Mod, taking new plugins and codes from his fellow Developers, mainly Darthsalamon, Disaster839 before he went rouge and , and adding them into the Mod/Plugin. As of 2013 data, Madgeek1450 sports a skin of a man with orange-red hair, sunglasses, and a suit. Presumably, the orange-red hair is somewhat of a joke, as many red-haired people have bad tempers; therefore keying the name Madgeek1450.