Jackofhallow is a Telnet Admin on the Total Freedom server, going under the name "Requiem" by choice. He selected name himself due to poetic meaning of the word, and uses it frequently as a nickname, he denies it having anything to to do with the video game "Halo 4". Jackofhallow is viewed as one of the lesser admins, not very essential, but helpful in many cases, though other admins seem to show somewhat of disdain for him. He has an explosive temper and keeps it inward with only his own self restraint, but at times he will slip, and go berserk. In some views he is considered a wonderful admin, and huge help to the server, most claiming that he "handles certain situations well." Along with being a Telnet Admin, he is also one of the most aged admins on the server, being known to the server for almost 3 years, being around when Miwojedk was still fairly new. In his early days on the server, Jackofhallow showed a far more violent temper that would usually end in him either storming off the server, or griefing it. In early 2011 the Senior Admin of the time, Beamm, effectively managed to run Jackofhallow off the server with much of his in game abuse towards Jackofhallow being the cause. Jackofhallow returned back to the server after a long break on November 14th, 2012, and was given back Super Admin powers by the now Senior Admin, Wilee999. Several weeks later, Jackofhallow achieved the rank of Telnet admin, and is still working on the server to date. Soon however, he got de-supered (again) through arguing with admins (again) but eventually, he got admin back as a Super Admin.


Though only a Telnet Admin, Jackofhallow is responsible for some recruitments of Super Admins.

Jackofhallow uses a skin he created himself, which is the basic Steve skin with a kevlar vest and other military garb.

Though he has a short temper, Jackofhallow prefers remaining neutral in matters of arguements and fights between admins.

Seems to show some prowess in building, having somewhat of a passion for building boats, ships, and other ocean or space craft.

At some point, Jackofhallow had been constructing the UNSC Infinity in Minecraft, though he called it the "UNSC Finite" instead (possibly to name it as if it were a sister vessel to the Infinity). The project was cancelled do to real life issues.

Some of the other Admin, including MarkByron, joke with him about him being a "cowboy" because of him living in Texas.

Jackofhallow is also, argueably, one of the most destructive Admins. In his "temper tantrums" (no recent ones have been recorded), he is capable of tearing a fairly large hole in the ground in a matter of seconds.