CoolJWB is currently a Super Admin and was appointed to admin via TPAS by Pramire (Apr 25, 2018 at 5:24am). William (CoolJWB) was born July 19th 2002, he currently lives in the North of Sweden.


In the early days of CoolJWB's time on the server he mostly flew around trolling trollers or trying out hacks. He was banned multiple times but he didn't care and kept on doing it until he got bored and quit playing on the server.


In 2017 he found the server once more and started playing on it more frequently then before. He started to pick up bad habits once again. Mostly he was giving out troll potions to unexpecting users and giving out death items.

Later months of 2017 he stopped trolling entirely, focused on helping and started to make op pvp items.


In the first days of 2018 CoolJWB created his forum account called CoolJWB. CoolJWB quit making op pvp items for public use in April (2018) and Is now focusing on administrating the server and making redstone creations.