BuscusFan is currently a Super Telnet Admin on Total Freedom. He first joined the server on the 10th of May 2013 and wished to become admin. He had a period of inactivity before he made his first admin application which was filled with objects as all the admins forgot about him. He rejoined the server determined to become an admin and after a while he made another application which did better than the 1st but was still denied, after a while of hard work helping the server he met the Telnet Admin Polarboy331 who he talked with for a while and although having just met him Polar TPASed him and he achieved Super Admin status around the 25th of August being added to the super admin list by the now senior admin Paldiu. After his TPASer left to focus on other things he worked hard to become a good admin. He achieved Telnet Status on the 1st of November along side ImALuckyGuy.